How to Care for Your Bowl

The care of food-related wood products will depend on the style of the bowl purchased. A traditional style bowl with a finished edge can be quickly immersed in diluted soapy water, rinsed, and dried with a towel.

A bark edge bowl can be washed with diluted soapy water as well but should not be immersed as the outside edges have not been treated. This type of bowl must be hand wiped and dried.

You will need to re-oil the bowl after use. This product has been finished with a mineral oil/coconut oil/beeswax mix finish which is specifically made for food use . Mineral oil (available from the pharmacy) is the easiest and cheapest to apply afterwards for general upkeep. Claphams salad bowl finish is another great option. It is strongly suggested that you keep the bowl from drying out over time and maintain the oil barrier.

Things to remember,

  1. Do not soak wooden bowls or utensils in water.
  2. Bark edge bowls should not be immersed in water. They require hand wiping.
  3. Do not handle by the bark edge alone. Handle by the wood or with two hands.
  4. Do not put in the dishwasher.
  5. Do not put in a microwave, oven, or fridge.
  6. Do not leave in direct sunlight.

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